Marmara Wood Veneer

Marmara Wood Veneer

In the coating market for many years the name "proven expertise and international quality in wood veneer." Marmara Wood Veneer, which is said to be next to each other, continues its services.

We have been in the wood veneer sector for more than 30 years under the name of Marmara Wood Veneer, we have international experience in the production, export and import of wood veneer.

Our Marka Masif brand solid-looking, cracks surfaced natural wooden surfaces international current trends, we present our collection to market we have created now by carefully choosing our life savings Marka Color tinted coating with our collection of interior architecture and design world to offer.

With the product knowledge provided by many years of experience, we stand by all kinds of projects with our detailed product identification service where all variables can be kept under control.